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UK Fitness Girls You Need To Follow On Instagram Today

Uk fitness girls

If you’re looking for some great UK based fitness inspiration, then you should take some time to check out these amazing fitness girls.

They’re chock full of workout tips, recipes, and of course the mandatory selfies that no Instagram account would be complete without.

All of these ladies are based in the UK, so you’re not going to see many beach workouts here, but you might find the motivation you need to kick start your healthier lifestyle.


Amy Lane is the digital editor for women’s health.

Her Instagram feed shows that she does more than write about fitness; she also runs marathons! This is a great feed to follow if you are a keen runner as Amy posts some great videos showing her whole-body workouts for runners.

Along with the inspiring vids showing her enviable form, she also posts a sprinkling of inspirational quotes, which is great if you need a reminder to be a little kinder to yourself every now and then. Amy is very real about sharing her love of food and wine, even when it’s not the healthiest choice. It’s nice to know that even fit and healthy people actually enjoy the occasional treat too. They’re just like the rest of us!


Tara’s Instagram is one of the most gorgeously curated fitness feeds out there.

Tara is a personal trainer and self-confessed champion snacker. This is reflected in her feed which has a fair sprinkling of food porn. The food pics she posts will have you dribbling, and what’s even better is that you’ll soon realise that all the amazing food she’s posting is actually pretty healthy.

As well as showing off her effortless gym style Tara also posts videos with exercise suggestions. She gives some great tips to help you have great form. What is really great is that Tara gives you options; her exercise starts off aimed at those of us who aspire to the gym, but really don’t get there as much as we should.

She then shows you how to build yourself up with exercises that focus on all those parts of our bodies we wish were just a bit less wobbly. This is a great feed for anyone just getting into fitness.


You know those amazing pictures of people doing yoga.

I don’t mean the downward dog ones, I mean the ones that make you wonder how it’s possible to look so good just stretching ones. Well, Catt Meffan has a whole Instagram feed dedicated to those pictures. Her daily yoga poses will have you digging out your mat and signing up for the nearest class in the hopes that you might be able to one day recreate some of the beauty that she shares on her page.

Cat shares her positive message without being preachy, and you can just feel the joy she feels from working out. Plus, if you need an extra reason to check out her feed, she has a gorgeous pup called Simba who has his own Instagram following!


Zanna’s feed is definitely worth checking out if you are feeling in need of some inspiration.

Zanna is a long-time fitness blogger; she is stunning, keeps in shape and has a great sense of humour. Her feed has been huge for a long time and rightly so, but recently she was brave enough to share her journey through emergency surgery and ever since has been keeping the world up to date with her fight back to fitness.

Like every good fitness account, you will also find a sprinkling of tasty treats to tempt you. She has posted recipes for vegan fudge and PB&J Brownies that will have you dusting off your bakeware. Her realistic take on nutrition will help you to stay in shape while still indulging your sweet tooth.

This is a great feed to check out if you need someone to lift you up and make you feel good.


This trio of London based ladies has created a wonderful Instagram feed that will remind you that it’s more fun to work out with friends.

These ladies are all about food. If you are one of the many people who work out so that they can eat guilt-free, then this Instagram account may be your spiritual home.

Their feed is filled with fun energy and joy. Every one of their workout vids is accompanied by great music. This account really is all about reminding you that working out can be a real laugh, especially when you drag your mates along too.