12 Instagram Accounts To Follow For Workout Motivation

For a lot of us, autumn and winter are the time of year where the warmer weather seems like an eternity away, Christmas is on the horizon and, well, motivation takes a bit of a dip. While it is often okay and healthy to take a little time off, or at least to slow it down and reduce the load occasionally, a full-on lapse in motivation is not ideal and can ruin the hard work you’ve already put in.

To combat the winter blues, we’ve collected a selection of twelve Manchester-based fitness Instagram wonders to get you back in the mood for the gym with some workout motivation:

Workout Motivation Inspiration

  1. Weights & Wine - @weights_wine

First up is @weights_wine, a freelance PT and all-around fitness freak. The Manchester-based gal’s feed is a collection of fitness posts, lifestyle bits, body confidence and an all-around look at the life of a freelance PT. Definitely worth a follow if you’re looking for a down to earth, inspiring role model who still likes the odd glass of vino too!

  1. Emma Smith - @vflowemma

Emma Smith (or @vflowemma) is a yoga enthusiast, and self-proclaimed ‘student forever’. With a feed full of bendy positions, it’s inspiring and motivating. The Manchester-based yoga teacher will leave you looking at your phone wondering ‘how?’ and with gorgeous photography - she’s deffo worth a follow!

  1. Giulia Evelina - @ashotofginger_pt

Born in Sienna and living in Manchester, Giulia Evelina is a personal trainer at High Performance Conditioning, a volleyball coach and is a PhD Nutrition ambassador. The influencer shares fitness pics from workouts to volleyball with a scattering of life in between and makes for a heartwarming account to follow.

  1. Sarah - @northernyogisarah

Another yoga blogger is Sarah (@northernyogisarah), closing in on 3,000 followers on the Gram. The account is mostly yoga based and with a blog of the same name so that you can get all your yoga needs in one place! Complete with excellent and enviable shots you’ll want to recreate.

  1. Kyle Chong - @kylebc86

Kyle Chong is an architect, runner and all-round creative in Manchester.  He is also part of Still Waters Run Deep, part of a creative community running the streets of Manchester.  Worth a look if you’re into joining the running club – Kyle also posts pretty great pictures too.

  1. Amanda Beddard - @amanda_bfit

Mobility advocate Amanda is a heavyweight workhorse with a collection of videos, pics and yoga bits and pieces scattered across the platform. Great for those of you into weight training, getting bendy and loving life - that’s just about everyone really. Follow #movewithbeddard for expert tips to help you achieve your goals.

7.Carly Bateman - @carlybateman

Carly Bateman is one of the most fun-loving accounts we’ve had the pleasure of browsing and with over 3,000 followers checking out her lifestyle - it’s no secret. The V1BE instructor shares a mixture of fitness based posts, edgy lifestyle bits and a collection of fun times. Great if you’re looking for a bit of fun and lifestyle envy alongside your training.

  1. Ethan Lofthouse - @ethanlofthouse

21-year-old Ethan with a passion for lifting weights, physique and training in general. A feed full of selfies and raves - deffo one of the lads and with a great physique, he will be one to follow for motivation.

  1. Kostas - @buff_scientist

With 18 years of training, the PhD researcher is one of the more knowledgeable of the influencers mentioned. With a whole host of selfies, fitness and lifestyle pics - it’s great to get in the mind of a well rounded, long-standing trainer.

  1. Chelsey Pollard - @shebeast

Personal trainer and nutrition advisor Chelsey Pollard (or @shebeast) has arguably the best Instagram account name going and with content to match – it powerful and inspiring! From physique checks and training vids to client progress pics and the occasional lifestyle pics dropped in for good measure – you’ll be up and active in no time after checking out her feed.

  1. Sarah, Jane & Victor - @the_yoga_family

Sarah, Jane and Victor make up the yoga family and with an alternate posting schedule of motivational quotes and yoga pics - it’s arguably the most motivational of the accounts mentioned. Not just for those who love yoga, but great for those who love a heart-warming message as they scroll - a pleasure to view the feed.

  1. J7healthJaveno - @j7healthjaveno

Owner of J7healthcentre, Javeno is an exercise specialist with an impressive portfolio. With a heavy black and orange theme throughout - you’ll always know that you’re watching his videos and checking out his pics and with such a work ethic - it’s hard not to be motivated.

That’s your lot! We hope you’ve enjoyed checking out these accounts as much as we did and fingers crossed you’ve found a few hidden gems in the mix that you didn’t expect to.

Go ahead and check out the accounts and let them know that we sent you - share the love, you might just make someone's day!