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        Christmas is here, and we all know that when that sweet tooth hits this festive time of year it’s nearly impossible to resist!   So here goes t...
  • Pumpkin Protein Shake Recipe!

       It's Halloween soon, so it's time to prepare a spooky movie session of Hocus Pocus, turn on the chimney and prepare yourself a delicious Pumpki...

      We’ve all panicked right before going on holiday, fearing the worst that we’ll throw away all the hard work we’ve achieved in the gym up unt...

                                  To celebrate this 4th of July, Independence Day, what better way than with a slice of a delicious American flag ins...

      Summer is finally here!  Beach, parties, holidays... and of course, there's always time for the Gym.     So get your summer workout ward...

           Here at RIPT HQ, we never shy away from learning and trying new diets, so with the Keto diet appearing everywhere nowadays, and very few of ...
  • 5 Super Quick Protein Shake Recipes to try NOW!

    5 Super Quick Protein Shake Recipes for you to try! A healthy and delicious option for breakfasts, post and pre workouts, etc.
  • Getting Started With Bodybuilding? Follow These Bodybuilding Basics

    If you are ready to make a change and start working on your body, then there are a few bodybuilding basics that you need to consider before you step foot in the gym. Getting these basics right can be the difference between building a solid foundation and crashing and burning.
  • UK Fitness Girls You Need To Follow On Instagram Today

    If you’re looking for some great UK based fitness inspiration, then you should take some time to check out these amazing fitness girls.
  • 7 Cardio Workouts For Beginners You Need To Try

    the great thing about cardio is that you can start to see results really quickly. You can start for just five minutes at a time and gradually progress.

    So, what are the best cardio workouts for beginners?

  • Want Bigger Biceps? Try This Bicep Pump Workout

    Spring has sprung, and we are fast approaching summer time. This means only one thing, less clothing and the opportunity to invite people to see “the gun show”. If you haven’t yet given out two tickets to see said “gun show” then ‘do you even lift bro?!’
  • Keep Your Gym Motivation: Beat The January Drop Off

    Before you do anything drastic, you have done the hard bit by joining a gym. What’s more, you can beat the January drop off rate and use our top tips to keep up your gym motivation.